Welcome to the Institute of Tanknology!

After a few years of rambling Twittering I've finally decided to get on and make a blog, let's see how it goes. The intent of this site is to give me a bit more room and flexibility than Twitter threads allow to discuss topics, and produce something a bit nicer and easier for people to delve into if a topic becomes useful to them at a later date. As its longer form, I can also tackle some of my longer thoughts than Twitter allows, for example my first Long Read post, which is about the shortcomings of combat UGVs and why I think we need to put a bit more focus on them.

My Twitter escapades shall continue, and I hope anyone who arrives here and finds something interesting will follow me over there so you can see more of the short form ramblings and interesting retweets from day to day. I'll still do occasional short threads but for bigger things will likely just post a link to this site.

To be clear, and I say this a bunch around the site for clarity, this blog is in no way affiliated to my employer, nor am I incentivised by or affiliated with any entity to write about them. I have hte luxury of a job that means I don't need to peddle any agendas for other people, this is a general outlet for things that I think are interesting or worth the defence community (or sometimes wider world) learning, considering and discussing.

If you have any neat ideas or feedback, fire them at me either on the contact form or via DM on Twitter (I'm far more likely to see the latter), and I hope some interesting discussions may break out in the comments as posts go up.

I've provisionally got a handful of post types that things will get filed under, with a hope that there will be a post of some sort every few weeks, work and life permitting. These are:

  • Notices | General announcements like this post.

  • Long Reads | Longer form discussions around bigger topics generally trying to offer some novel or at least important topics for awareness and debate.

  • Interesting Kit | Shorter posts highlighting something I've seen that's worth a look. Generally speaking I'm interested in novel capabilities rather than the specific bit of kit being shown, but by their nature these posts can be a bit advertorial, which isn't the intent.

  • Technology Primers | Those who've followed me on Twitter will be familiar with these - longer form (but hopefully still relatively bite sized) educational pieces introducing topics and explaining how a particular technology works and things you should know about them. I have written quite a few on Twitter, and over time I'll transfer and expand them into posts here, as well as regularly throwing new ones into the mix.

  • (side)tracked | Things that are a bit tangential to the usual fare, but interest me and I think might interest someone else. A few things in the pipeline that might fall in this bucket - trips,

Thank you for reading, and hope its an interesting place to lose yourself in neat technology and cool capabilities for a few minutes from time to time.

And if you want to get email alerts when I have some fresh waffling prose for you to read, please use the form at the bottom of the page!